a. about me

Full Stack Developer with 5+ years of experience in various platforms.


Creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer


Rest/Json-API development experienced in Object & Relative databases.

web design & development.

Websites with rich and complex user interactions.

dev ops.

Docker, github, third party cloud computing...

b. work experience- freelancing

I am passionate about the industrial automation, designing and development to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences.

Full Stack Developer
2017 - present

I have been working as a freelancer, now engaged with Elixir-Phoenix development along with EmberJs & ReactJs.

Lead Developer
2016 october-december

Elixir Developer - CoAP- Constrained Application Protocol. It is a Specialized web transfer protocol.

Core Elixir Developer
2016 august-october

Developed Industrial Automation Software- SCADA, for Solar Plants with 100% uptime state maintenance.

c. code magics

I like night coding. I don't have any reasons, but I have results.

Some image Some image Some image

Elixir. Hex Packages

debugging, commandline, protocols

author: Blackode

Some image Some image Some image

industrial automation. SCADA.

Rest-API, M2M, communication protocols, elixir, riak, phoenix

author: Blackode

Some image Some image Some image

mobile applications. blackberry enterprise

qt, qml, c++, IM, project management

author: Blackode (Ahamtech- organisation)

Some image Some image Some image

design. development

art direction, branding graphic design, html, css, ruby, sasss

author: Blackode

Adobe Stack



Premier Pro

After Effects

d. engaging digital

Creating opensource projects, web development and web design along with writing articles.

perfect design.

A perfection in design with golden number measurements. The clear identification from pixel to picture.

web development.

Using modern and trending web development tools like ReactJs, EmberJs & Elm

social media.

Media promotions and publications .

graphic design.

Playing with pixels while designing graphical elements like logos, web-icons, photo-retouching etc...

reliable results.

No compramise in quality and quantity of the product.

technical writing.

Sharing thoughts on programming languages with the world by writing articles and contributing to opensource .

e. get in touch

I'm looking for the right opportunity where I can enrich my skills and serve wholeheartedly without being under pressure and overdose. I'm currently taking on freelancing work and open for remote work aswell. I feel great things will happen when you are set free to work on I mean the Free style of coding. No excuse for me to learn new things from the great people like you and of course hardworking. I feel great pleasure working with you and your team if I am recruited Our Team. Cheers

Many Thanks :)

f. you inspired me

I think the word 'blog' is an ugly word. I just don't know why people can't use the word 'journal.'

author: Blackode. 19.02.2018.
10 Killer Elixir tips #7
author: Blackode. 08.02.2018.
7 Lines to Code Fizz-Buzz Game Principle in Elixir.
author: Blackode. 26.12.2017.
Code Formatter — The big feature in Elixir v1.6.0.
author: Blackode. 25.12.2017.
The rigid code behind the smooth code.

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+91 9494507287

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