Ember Js

The front end frame work. Expertises in the areas of multilevel Routing and Multilevel Component handling.Self Non Destructive and re-usable Ember-Addon Development. Capable of building highly customizable Templates & Graphical Data Visualizations


The Elixir web frame work.Expert in working with web-socket channels in developing non breakable communication and peer to peer communication. Ecto,the data base crud operations. Self Designing Plugs for Authentication and Communication purpose.


Lang that runs on Erlang Virtual Machine. API Development and adaptable and reliable package developer at Hex, the package manager for the Elixir. Very prominent with GenServer Processes and Supervisor Control over the GenServer in an Application building


Expertise in developing Responsive User Interface of all skill levels,shapes of all devices and size of all projects. Good at customizing the frame work to meet the project requirements. Prominent with the class vocabulary which is heart of Bootstrap.

SASS {Less}

CSS Extension language.Expertise in developing the Style Sheets, that are compatible with almost every version of CSS. Very prominent with Nested rules and mixins, which are bare bone for writing the easily adaptable and customizable CSS style sheets


Java Script framework. Expertises in the areas of Ajax requests,dynamic Dom creations,data visualisation, animations,plugin development.Good knowledge in the promises and clojures.Prominent callback function writing.

Elixir Packages


List Extension

The Extended and missing functionalities of List library which are useful in our daily projects to simply the data comprehensions.



Is Validation

It is used for checking data validation. Every function is prefixed with is and x is replaced with name of function like is_empty etc ...



Type Finder

This module helps in finding the type of an argument passed with some basic information. It also helps with more info like emptiness, nested_list.


Stdout ColorPrint

Printex is a Color Printer Module,helps you to print the data and strings in color format in console including the background colors.

BlackBerry Enterprise Applications

tb10 image

Telegram Client

Telegram Instant Messaging App.

Telegram API


C++ Qnx Qt Qml JavaScript

|Source Code

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Asana Client

Asana Project Management Tool

Asana API


C++ Qnx Qt Qml JavaScript

|Source Code

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Slack Client

Slack Application

Slack API


C++ Qnx Qt Qml JavaScript

|Source Code

tb10 image

BaseCamp Client

BaseCamp Project Management Tool

BaseCamp API


C++ Qnx Qt Qml JavaScript

|Source Code

Adobe Stack Techs

 illustrator - icon

Adobe Illustrator

Logo Designing

 photoshop - icon

Adobe Photoshop

Photo Manipulation

 Premier - icon

Adobe PremierPro

Video Editing

 Premier - icon

Adobe AfterEffects

Video Compositing

Logo Designs

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